AW20 China Fashion Week Presents!
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AW20 China Fashion Week Presents!New Season’s Fashion Release Application is in Full Swing!

In this spring, pandemic is severe,and fashion colleagues, let’s joint response to challenges! From May 1st to 7th, 2020, with the theme of "Reconstruction • Countermarching People's 2020", AW20 China Fashion Week is about to start with a brand-new form! 

In this season, we are going to cooperate with the Commercial Real Estate Working Committee of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, numerous national influential business districts and partners such as Beijing Fun and Secoo, etc. to create a high-quality trendy life experience for consumers via online and offline integration, focusing on trends and consumption, to explore sustainable development business models with brands, designers and merchants. 

Collaborate with the authoritative commercial real estate industry organization to shape a new ecology of fashion consumption

China Fashion Week is always committed to the growth and development of designers. As the co-host of the China Fashion Week this season, the Commercial Real Estate Working Committee of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce will link major nationwide fashion business districts to provide designers with in-depth online and offline business solutions, assist designers in surviving the current difficulties and seizing the chance to win better development opportunities!

Join hands with Secoo to open a new online cooperation model

China Fashion Week will exclusively cooperate with luxury e-commerce platform Secoo to hold on-line live streaming fashion shows. Based on respective fashion brands, designers and IP creative ecological distribution centers, the two parties will gather hundreds of designer and luxury brands worldwide to create exquisite and unique AW20 fashion shows and sales live streaming, while by holding online fashion exhibitions, artist cross-over cooperation, and a series of themed activities, to provide high-end users of Secoo an interactive “see-now-buy-now” distinguished shopping experience. 

In addition, by virtue of two sides’ deep industry influence and union of industry influencers, the 'China Fashion Forum' will be jointly hosted by two sides to focus on the hottest fashion topics at the moment, collide with sparks of thinking, and make cutting-edge voices.

Join hands with Beijing Fun to create the trendiest show venue in Beijing

China Fashion Week is going to cooperate with Beijing Fun, a perfect blend of fashion and history, to create four unique fashion show venues around classic buildings and focus on international front-line IP landmarks with different attributes.

In the century-old Quan Yechang, the largest global selection flagship store of Starbucks and the most beautiful 24-hour bookstore PAGEONE, the unique and exquisite release venues will provide designers with more personalized choices!

China Feihe·Fashion Kidswear, leads children to sail happily and presents a brand-new “fantasy land”

As a high-profile kidswear section of China Fashion Week, China Feihe·Fashion kidswear will present a brand-new kidswear show with a more innovative form through online and offline integration to create a magic and joyful “fantasy land” for children. Here, you will experience a sunny, colorful and childlike world. 

This season, China Feihe will continue to join hands with Fashion Kidswear to protect the healthy growth of Chinese babies, highlight the spirit of national brands, and promote Chinese local popular culture; to create ingenious qualities and become the shining trait of the rise of "new domestic products", which perfectly fits the core value of China Fashion Week.

Brand-new module -- Trend China, to create a new height of Chinese trend culture

Trend China is a large-scale online and offline carnival that is fully created by China Fashion Week, which integrates domestic and international front-line trend resources, including trend release, art exhibition, interactive entertainment, crossover, and professional communication, etc,. This is an active creation of a more trendy and cutting-edge lifestyle, and it is a deep integration and new upgrade of domestic and international trend resources and diverse art culture! 

This event will be jointly presented by UCCA Lab and APPortfolio, including Special Edition Art Mickey × Chinese and Foreign Artists Cross-Border Exhibition, AVIC culture - SKYKlTS Chinese fashion official launching, Japan's top trendy brand RVG×STM with Chinese top trendy variety blockbuster co-branded products official debut, PALACE sub-label Lab in Trend China, UCCA×Trend China×Trend & Art Contemporary Special Charity Fund launching by the event partner Beijing Ullens Art Foundation, space themed toy Robbi × Trendy China co-branded debut and other hot topics of Fashion!

“City Fashion Engine” star plan for fashion renowned cities, takes “designers” as business cards to promote new development of cities’ fashion industries

By virtue of China Fashion Week, “City Fashion Engine” star plan for fashion renowned cities is a project that the China Fashion Association unites local industry organizations, industry clusters and accumulation centers for in-deep cooperation, to explore outstanding young designers who can represent cities, drive local resources, present the temperament of cities by using of the strength of fashion. 

This season, continuously based on cities, we will still provide full support to the development of emerging designers, explore cities’ spokesmen of fashion industry, further speed up forging landmark fashion cities of Chinese fashion industry.

Premier business partners jointly make voice for the splendor of China Fashion Week

As the most renowned international young designers competition, the “Hempel Award” is going to  launch the “Cloud Hempel Award” together with the Kuaishou short video app in this edition. While selecting the "Internet Popularity Award" of Hempel Award·the 28th China International Young Designers Competition, the public is also invited to participate in the renovation of old clothes project.

Though separated by mountains and rivers, we share one moon under the same sky. Toray has a friendship with China Fashion Week for more than a decade and continues to provide designers with cutting-edge fabric support. This time, Toray will work with China Fashion Week to promote industrial green and sustainable development, support the rapid recovery of the fashion industry, and will also provide effective solutions for the research and development of designer brands.

The epidemic has had a huge impact on the development of the fashion industry.

Challenge is opportunity! 

Reconstitution is fight! 

Transformation is success!

China Fashion Week is always committed to the growth and development of Chinese designers.

In 2020, please go along with us with joint hands!

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